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Lord William Hague of Richmond talks to the CFCC about 'Foreign Policy in the 2020's'

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Parliamentary Society for Arts meets Lord William Hague of Richmond in a CFCC event. From left to right ; Actresses Rebecca Fernando and Lili Rich, Chairwoman for the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion and Sports Rebeca Riofrio , Lord William Hague of Richmond and Artist Natalia Kapchuk

September 29th 2021. The Conservative Foreign Commonwealth Council had a splendid lunch event at the Carlton Club having as guest of honour and speaker The Rt Hon Lord William Hague of Richmond.

About The Rt Hon Lord Hague of Richmond, William Hague, served for 26 years in the British House of Commons until he stood down in 2015. In that time, he served in many senior roles, including Leader of the House of Commons, but is best known as the Leader of the Conservative party, 1997-2001, and First Secretary of State and Foreign Secretary, 2010-2014. He now pursues a wide range of business and charitable activities and is a well-known writer of historical biographies and a columnist of The Times. In November 2020 Lord Hague became Chair of the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

David Howell, Baron Howell of Guildford introducing Lord Hague

The occasion was organised by CFCC Melissa Crawshay Williams and the topic on the agenda was “Foreign Policy in the 2020s”. The opening was made by Lord Taylor Holbeach, and the guest speaker was introduced by Baron Howell of Guildford. Lord Hague of Richmond spoke extensively on British history, climate change, Middle Eastern treaties, Afghanistan, and new political projections for the commonwealth.

Lord Hague of Richmond taling about climate change - on caption Artists and environmentalist Natalia Kapchuk

Among the guests we can highlight Lord Sharpe of Epsom, Mr. Bruno Giorgio, Vice president, Mr Peter Friedman, Vice Chairman, Dr Carl Hunter, Mr Ronel Lehman, Ms Julia Kernick, Mr Graham Old, Councillor Chris Buckwell, Elaph Publisher and Journalist Mr. Othman Al Omeir, Chairwoman for the Parliamentary Society for Arts Ms Rebeca Riofrio, Ms Natalia Kapchuk and Ms Rebecca Ferdinando PSAFS Ambassadors, Miss Lili Rich, Mr Anthony Fardon, Mrs Carole Cohen and Dr Michaelene Holder-March, Professor Josu de la Fuente and Mr Storm Areington.


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