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Press Conference






Claudia Adler - Founder at Raices Limited


"The assembly and inauguration of the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion and Sports, Chaired by Rebecca Riofrio, is a much needed association in order to maintain and revive such an integral part of our society."

Elena Hardy (Ballet Dancer)

"I  just like to say from the bottom of my hart how honoured  I felt to be invited by yourself on Tuesday evening and be part, among a selected crowed of inspiring people, of the inauguration of  the Parliamentary Society of Art, Fashion and Sport.

 We touched many valid points like the importance of art to prevent youth crime and  to encourage the younger generations to explore different avenues in these fields. But most importantly thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about something, for a very personal reason, I feel extremely assassinated which is art as a form of physical rehabilitation and a way to raise body awareness."

Dr Desiree Saddik

Consultant Lead Clinical Psychologist

Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

"I was delighted to step in last minute and to say a few words on behalf of Prince Janek Zylinsky, at the launch of the Parliamentary Society for Fashion, Arts and Sports (AFS). Founding chair, Rebeca Riofrio created a dazzling event glittered with many stars in film, art, fashion and sport, with a very smiley and delighted Zac Goldsmith who introduced the evening emphasising the importance of representing these areas in parliament, especially given the dominant role of London fashion and arts in the international arena.

The unique qualities of Riofrio, her background in art, Fashion, education and media makes her the precise vessel by which to address matters of concern in these areas. She held a space for those in these industries to share their experiences and speak from the heart, some on the verge of tears, the stories were so moving. With icons such as Isabella Blow And Alexander McQueen, suicide and suicide contagion, media releases of modern slavery referencing the abuse of the young at the beginning of their fashion careers, Rebeca and her UK and international Ambassadors are now well placed to lobby to create new laws to address such matters, particularly for the young, who need proper career structures in the arts. Rebeca and her ambassadors intend to lobby to change laws related to nonpayment in arts and fashion, addressing - ‘modern slavery’ in the fashion/arts industries. Not only will they ‘lift the veil’ on unfair or archaic practices, they will save a lot of heart ache, particularly for the young who are at the beginning of their careers, and in the future."


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