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Rebeca Riofrio  

Rebeca Riofrio: A British visionary, director, and entrepreneur, renowned for her remarkable impact on arts, fashion, education, and media. As the driving force behind Art in Fusion and Chairwoman of the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion, and Sports, she's revolutionizing industries. With over 23 years of expertise, Rebeca's fusion of creativity and business acumen has made her an industry trailblazer. Her contributions span from luxury brands to film festivals and global campaigns. Recognized with prestigious awards.

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Rebeca Riofrio is a British director, chairman, and entrepreneur known for her significant contributions to the fields of arts, fashion, education, and media. She is recognised as the founder of Art in Fusion, a TV production company, and holds the esteemed positions of Director and Chairman of the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion, and Sports.

Rebeca also serves as the Marketing Manager at Anglia Ruskin University London, bringing her extensive experience of over 23 years in the higher education business in the UK.

Throughout her career, Rebeca Riofrio has demonstrated a remarkable ability to combine her artistic creativity with her astute business mindset. Her journey began when she served as the "eyes" of Martha Gellhorn, a renowned American novelist, travel writer, and war correspondent, who sadly experienced deteriorating eyesight. Inspired by Gellhorn, who gained international recognition for her courageous coverage of the Spanish Civil War alongside her then-husband, Ernest Hemingway, Rebeca embraced the power of observation and self-expression in her work.

Rebeca's creative endeavours have allowed her to collaborate with prestigious luxury brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as work with fashion designers from around the world in the domains of fashion, video, and photography. Her expertise as a fashion and marketing consultant, commercial director, and leader of global marketing campaigns for luxury brands has garnered her immense respect in the industry. Additionally, Rebeca's comprehensive practical knowledge in education, fashion, and the arts has positioned her as a trusted business mentor for young entrepreneurs and emerging celebrities. Her guidance and counselling skills, acquired through her 9 years of experience as a trained counsellor, have enabled her to support and advise others effectively.
Rebeca Riofrio has also made significant contributions to the world of film production. Her produced and directed films have provided her with opportunities to participate in the renowned Cannes Film Festival for the past ten years, with direct accreditation from the Cannes Film Council. She holds a license to conduct interviews with celebrities, movie directors, producers, and actors for her TV channel and other media partners. Furthermore, Rebeca played a crucial role in the development of a multi-million-pound education company that received the Queen's Award for Business and Enterprise in 2006 and 2010. The late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip honoured her with this prestigious recognition at a reception held in Buckingham Palace.

As the founder of Art in Fusion TV, Rebeca Riofrio has reached an extensive audience of 6.1 million weekly viewers through cable broadcasting, providing content to 35 different countries. The TV channel has also formed partnerships with five internationally renowned magazines that publish direct news. In her capacity as a member of the UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion, and Sports, Rebeca has been actively involved in numerous global campaigns against modern human slavery, human trafficking, Protection of Women Refuges Conference, institutional sexual harassment, global warming, and sustainability. Her work also encompasses organising events in the arts and fashion sectors for the UK, including the Royal Family. Rebeca oversees the Parliament News Magazine, a publication that caters to a wide audience, including royals, presidents, and prime ministers.

Rebeca Riofrio's remarkable contributions and achievements have garnered her several prestigious awards throughout her career and is often on international newspapers/tv for her work and partnerships. Notably, she was honoured with the Big Ben Award at Westminster Palace's House of Lords, recognising her outstanding achievements and contributions to the worlds of arts, fashion, education, and media over a span of 23 years. In February 2020, the government of France presented her with the Outstanding Award for her philanthropic work. Furthermore, in 2022/2023, she received the European Businesswomen of the Year Award, which was presented to her by the Vice-President of Bulgaria in the capital and the Creative Woman of Excellence Award in May 2023 in presence of HRH Princess Michael of Kent.


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