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Enchanted Forest Collection by Furious Goose

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Furious Goose has created a collection of fine silk prints inspired by Britain’s magical woodlands and the artistry of William Morris and Augustus Pugin.

The forest played a strong strategic and industrial role throughout British history and is now deeply engrained in our cultural imagination. The wildwood of Albion has inspired everything from Shakespeare’s plays and the tales of Robin Hood, right up to the writings of Tolkien and the TV cartoon Willow the Wisp.

“Forests are places of transformation, where the boundary between human life and that of animals, plants or trees are likely to become confused, or even obliterated”. Anne Barton, author of the Shakespearean Forest.

The Enchanted Forest collection of silk scarves and pocket squares focuses on three of the most recognisable and symbolic inhabitants of our forest realm, the hare, the fox and the stag. The Sunset Stags design (featured above) features a pair of noble deer drinking from a mirror-still lake in a glade of sycamore. It comes in four colour-ways, Sunrise, Day, Sunset and Night.

Furious Goose is a British luxury accessories brand made sustainably in Macclesfield, which is the famous ‘home of English silk’ and the official end of the Silk Road. The Furious in their name is for intense colours, crisp digital shapes, bold attitude and unshakeable confidence. The Goose represents tradition, luxury, quality and not taking oneself too seriously.



Instagram: @furiousgoose


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