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White Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner: An Evening of Artistry during Frieze London

Article by Rebeca Riofrio

Larissa Laudenberger & Kiera Chaplin hosting the Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner during Frieze in London

London, October 11, 2023 — London's social elite gathered in unprecedented elegance last night as Kiera Chaplin & Larissa Laudenberge hosted the most anticipated - White Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner. This soiree brought together an assembly of industry luminaries, celebrities, discerning art collectors, and high-net-worth individuals amidst the distinguished backdrop of Frieze London—a venerable celebration of contemporary artistry and creative brilliance.

White Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner: An Evening of Artistry during Frieze London

Building upon the resounding success of White Jaguar's presence at Art Basel Miami, the Disruptors Dinner, held on October 11, 2023, was impeccably timed to coincide with the inauguration of the Frieze Art Fair.

Kiera Chaplin, Simon Gibertoni and HRH Princess Katarina at the White Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner

The Disruptors Dinner drew an exquisite assemblage, graced by UNHWI, illustrious celebrities, private art connoisseurs, and influential figures from the worlds of art and entertainment. This grand event unfolded within the luxurious confines of Geode Restaurant and Bar, a recently unveiled gem in Belgravia, enhancing the night's lavish ambiance.

Geode Restaurant

Distinguished luminaries from a diverse array of industries added a scintillating dimension to the guest list. Notable attendees included luminaries such as Simon Gibertoni, Vicky Martin Berrocal, HRH Princess Katarina, Maja Malnar, Maya Williams, Lady Victoria Hervey, Amy Lam, Spencer Chaplin, Karen Millen OBE, Rebeca Riofrio and a constellation of other accomplished personalities, converging to create a captivating tapestry of talent and influence.

Maja Malnar, Rebeca Riofrio, Kiera Chaplin and Maya Williams

Lady Victoria Hervey, Rebeca Riofrio and Kiera Chaplin

Karen Millen OBE and Stuart Watts


Kiera Chaplin: A multifaceted businesswoman renowned for her profound contributions to the realms of fashion, film, and philanthropy, Kiera Chaplin effortlessly intertwines her passion for fashion and film with a fervent commitment to social causes.

Larissa Laudenberger: An accomplished entrepreneur, consultant, author, and investor, Larissa Laudenberger is dedicated to curating culture and fostering the creation of unique global brands, products, and experiences. Her extensive network, comprising celebrities, musicians, artists, investors, and influencers, serves as a conduit for the realization of transformational experiences on a global scale.

Larissa Laudenberger, Kiera Chaplin and Karen Millen OBE

White Jaguar: An exclusive private business network, White Jaguar offers a realm of opulence that encompasses luxury vacation rentals, exclusive off-market real estate, private placements, and investment services. Additionally, it provides privileged access to bespoke global events and experiences. White Jaguar stands as a conduit, connecting discerning investors, visionary innovators, distinguished brands, and accomplished artists, all united in the pursuit of positive change and the cultivation of conscious businesses.


Roberta Lobeira: A Voyage of Artistic Passion

Roberta Lobeira's artistic journey commenced in her formative years, wielding brushes and imbuing canvases with colors by the tender age of 5. By the age of 11, her talents had blossomed and were on public display. Her formal art education encompassed prestigious institutions such as Monterrey University, NY Academy of Art, and the School of Visual Arts.

HRH Princess Katarina and artist Roberta Lobeira

Having traversed diverse locales including Oaxaca, Paris, California, and Madrid, Roberta's inimitable style infuses real people with symbolic resonance, conjuring enchanting characters within surreal worlds. Her artistic wellspring draws inspiration from the wellsprings of nature, love, animals, music, and fashion, with her art gracing cultural spaces, galleries, and international fairs.

Maya Williams and artist Roberta Lobeira

Roberta's artistic radiance extended onto the global stage through her contributions to Netflix's "La casa de las flores." With over 30 exhibitions spanning Mexico, the USA, and Europe, she stands as an accomplished, independent artist, leaving an enduring legacy.

Roham Shamekh: A Fusion of Art, Architecture, and Design

Born in Tehran in 1994, Roham Shamekh embarked on his artistic odyssey within the domains of architecture and interior design. His journey of creative exploration later expanded to encompass the realms of fashion photography and stage layout by the tender age of 16. His artistic brilliance radiated through exhibitions hosted in Iran and France, capturing the attention of collectors from every corner of the globe. Notably, his collections found a cherished place within the private collections of luminaries such as the Hariri Sisters in New York, Gisu and Mojgan, French artist Jean Marc Decrop, and Portuguese designer Filipe Pereira.

White Jaguar x Clinique La Prairie Disruptors Dinner: An Evening of Artistry during Frieze London

Roham's profound artistic voyage delved deeply into themes such as the social repression of women in Iran, employing fabric prints and paintings to highlight the architectural splendor of Yazd and Isfahan. His creative horizon expanded to encompass interior design, featuring a collection of hand-painted household objects inspired by paradisiacal motifs. Roham, with unerring precision, wove together the strands of art, architecture, and design, etching an indelible mark upon the creative landscape.

Sponsors: The White Jaguar - Disruptors Dinner stood proudly under the banner of Clinique La Prairie, with a partnership that was further enriched by Geode Restaurant & Sybabliss, a creation by Kiera Chaplin.

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