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The Illumination of Journalism: The Voices of Change and the Saudi Masters of the Pen

Turki Aldakhil, Jameel Altheyabi & Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna,
The Illumination of Journalism:
The Voices of Change and the Saudi Masters of the Pen

The Illumination of Journalism: The Voices of Change and the Saudi Masters of the Pen; The Illumination of Journalism:

In Partnership with the Past, Present, and Future

From the cradle of civilisation, where the Acta Diurna heralded the birth of news in 59 BCE in Rome, to the clinking noise of the Gutenberg printing press that once rang through the workshops of Germany and Antwerp, the quill of journalism has penned a magnificent odyssey. A tale that reached a significant milestone with the Daily Courant in 1702, as it laid the ink of modernity on the very fabric of society.

The journalism we celebrate today has evolved into a symphony of voices. Its manifestations stretch far and wide, encompassing the television, radio, internet, and of course, the newspapers and magazines that continue to echo the thoughts and opinions of humanity.

Through the annals of history, journalism has become the 'vox populi', translating the whispers of the masses into a resonant and harmonious cry. It is an art form that enables governments to kneel and listen, societies to reflect and grow, and individuals to connect across borders and ideologies.

Having resided in the United Kingdom for over 28 years, I have been privy to the various shades and nuances of public opinion, particularly concerning the Middle East. The media landscape often painted a bleak picture, yet an insider's circle of international journalists has graciously shared their wisdom and rekindled a hope for a more unified world.

Allow me to introduce you to three luminous minds from the Saudi Arabian journalism firmament, who have indeed become the beacon of a new narrative.

His Excellency Turki Aldakhil

Turki Aldakhil

A diplomat, journalist, and influential media mogul, Turki Aldakhil's expansive career has touched upon myriad aspects of the media industry. Starting his journey in journalism in 1989, he emerged as a media specialist and soon became a recognizable face across the Arab world.

Influence and Achievements: Under his direction, Al Arabiya News Channel became an influential voice in the region. His leadership in creating platforms like the Elaph Arabic-language news portal and Al-Arabiya website emphasized his dedication to innovation and modernization. Aldakhil's writings, which cover an array of subjects from politics to personal struggles like weight loss, showcase his versatility and intellectual prowess.

Awards and Recognitions: Named among the most influential Arab figures and one of the world's most powerful Saudis, Aldakhil's awards underscore his dedication to human rights and the advancement of women in Saudi society. His book "Tolerance" stands as a testament to his belief in coexistence and the fight against extremism.

Jameel Altheyabi

Jameel Altheyabi

Jameel Altheyabi's career trajectory from a trainee reporter to the editor-in-chief of prestigious newspapers reveals an inspirational journey fueled by dedication, skill, and vision.

Professional Growth: His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to editorship roles in various prominent media institutions, such as Al-Hayat newspaper and OKAZ daily. His efforts in transitioning newspapers to online journalism signify his ability to adapt and lead in the ever-evolving media landscape.

Academic and Trade Union Contributions: Altheyabi's involvement in the Saudi Journalists Association and his work as the General Supervisor of Alhayat School of Journalism highlight his commitment to mentoring the next generation of journalists. His contributions to the field have been recognized through various awards, including the interview prize awarded by Tarim and Abdallah Omran Prize.

Authorship and Analysis: His published books like “Gulf Media between Freedom and Censorship” and “Iran and the Dance of Cancer” reflect his profound understanding of regional politics and media dynamics.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna

An academic, advisor, and renowned energy expert, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna's career spans more than 35 years in public service and ministries, having advised four different Ministers of Energy in Saudi Arabia.

Academic Excellence: His tenure as a professor at King Saud University allowed him to impart wisdom on a range of subjects including energy, economics, politics, and communication, thereby shaping the minds of the next generation of scholars.

International Collaboration: Dr. Al-Muhanna's active participation in international forums such as OPEC, G20, and the World Economic Forum underscores his influence in forming energy policies. His roles in initiating dialogues between oil producers and consumers, and the founding of KAPSARC, highlight his commitment to bolstering international cooperation.

Literary Contributions: Dr. Al-Muhanna is a well-respected writer of various books and studies in both English and Arabic, focusing on energy, international policies, and media. His literary achievements include an insightful examination of international system transitions, a discerning analysis of the changing global system and economy, and his new, internationally acclaimed book, "Oil Leaders." This latter work provides an inside view of Saudi Arabia and OPEC's global energy strategies, educating readers while offering a unique glimpse into the complex world of oil politics. Within its pages, readers will find personal insights and candid evaluations of key leaders and the lasting effects of their contributions.


Books byHis Excellency Turki Aldakhil & Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna

These three luminaries, Turki Aldakhil, Jameel Altheyabi, and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Muhanna, represent the finest virtues of journalism and leadership in Saudi Arabia. They have transcended traditional boundaries, engaging with global politics, human rights, modernization, and the challenges of the digital age.

Their remarkable achievements in the fields of journalism, diplomacy, and energy policy demonstrate the significant impact that individuals can have on shaping societies and global dynamics. In an era where information is power, their contributions reflect the profound responsibility and opportunity that comes with the role of a journalist, thinker, and leader. Their stories illuminate the pathways that lead to transformation and progress, reaffirming the enduring value of integrity, excellence, and innovation in the ever-evolving world of journalism.

For in the words of Turki Aldakhil, tolerance is "the vital pulse of all humanity." Let it not be a fleeting memory, but the very essence of our future. An essence we can all share, celebrate, and carry forward, in honour of those who dare to write, speak, and illuminate the path for others.

After all, journalism is not just a profession; it is a calling, a mission, a legacy.


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