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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Peering across a vintage Lalique glass table sits a stack of watercolour sketches, each an homage to an era in British history, as interpreted in fashion by Malan Breton. This is a piece of history that has inspired Malan Breton for almost a quarter of a century in fashion. With an eye for creating the most detailed fashion, jewelry, and accessories for man, and woman, Malan Breton counts royal families of the world, and celebrities from all parts of the world as his clients. Before amassing a large following globally. Breton once served as an apprentice on Savile Row, then as an apprentice to one of the foremost couturiers in the history of fashion, who dressed many from the British Royal Family, Arnold Scaasi, who was trained under the great English couturier Charles James, and French Couturier Paquin. Breton was also honoured to present a collection of couture to HRH Prince Edward the Duke of Kent, at his 84th Birthday celebration in 2019, in partnership with the Parliamentary Society for Arts, Sports, and Fashion. Breton creates from the heart, embracing the individuality of each of his clients, clients he has cultivated for many years, and knows every detail about like a human encyclopedia. The diversity of sculpted garments emerging through his design process, have been seen on the covers of hundreds of magazines, and featured globally. He has also served as a mentor to the Smithsonian Institute, Cooper Hewitt, Taiwan, Otis, Winchester School of Arts, FIT NYC and schools around the globe. But Breton may be best known for playing a successful part in fashion - pop television history, within the Top Model global franchise, and Project Runway franchises, he has also costumed nearly one hundred international television programs, including fashion icon Priyanka Chopra on her ABC TV show Quantico.

He is Also the first fashion designer to be featured as a partner with Google. The first fashion designer to embrace crypto - currency, and one of the pioneers of social media marketing for fashion. Also being honoured in fashion, film, and TV by FGI, WGSN, and the governments of Taiwan, Austria, China, France, Bulgaria, and holding two government appointed ambassadorships. Though his Philanthropic efforts out number anything he has ever created. Breton has helped to build educational programs in many countries, raise money for children, and even closed the NASDAQ market to raise awareness for his charitable efforts in India. In creating this suite of three, Breton spent a year researching historical elements of Westminster Palace, the monarchy, and the history of the United Kingdom. His homage to the UK Parliament, a suite called the English Rose, is a visible foray to the senses, a dedication of hope to the world, and to a United Kingdom that has seen its heart tested by the current pandemic.

Breton’s motto “wherever you go, shine…” is a testament to empowerment, finding the strength within.

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Model: Angel Pai

Photographer: Thomas Concordia

Jewellery: Illumin Designs

Stylist: Malan Breton

Milliner: Malan Breton

Gowns: Malan Breton


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