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We had the pleasure of talking to British Actor Mike Beckingham, regarding his recent appointment as a patron for The Abused Pet Refuge Project

In his own words.


“I’m a ‘John Wick level’ dog/animal lover. Recently it was an honour to be asked to be a patron for a new charity **started in 2019** called ‘The Abused Pet Refuge Project’. The reason this particular charity struck a chord with me is because it doesn’t just focus on animal welfare, but it focuses on an area that not many people in the UK are aware of... ‘the direct link between animal abuse and domestic abuse’.


In these unprecedented times, both animals and human abuse victims have soared, so it’s vital that we become aware on just how prevalent this is and how we can help, that’s where The Abused Pet Refuge Project comes in.

The Abused Pet Refuge Project are working tirelessly to ensure that there is huge awareness brought about this phenomenon and how we can detect how an abuser uses an animal to gain control over their spouse or partner who are also being abused. Statistics show that a human being abused won’t leave an abusive environment due to the commitment they have to their pet, which, I’m sure you’ll agree is heart-breaking loyalty.

So, The Abused Pet Refuge Project’s goal is not only to help detect animal abuse which leads, as we’ve seen to domestic abuse, but to find their dog/animal a safe haven so then the human victim can then leave that environment knowing their animal friend is safe.

The research is in very early stages in the UK after seeing success from research in the US. The work has only just begun but with your help we can make a difference, in fact a huge difference to both animals and humans.


I would love to be all philosophical right now, but... let’s all do what we can to help stop animal abuse and domestic abuse it’s that simple. I plead you to support

The Abused Pet Refuge charity - 


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