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Symphony of Minds: The Creative Women Platform at Palazzo Visconti - A Fusion of Leadership and Artistry

Updated: Mar 26


In an exquisite gathering that fused the grandeur of the past with the innovation of the present, Palazzo Visconti in Milan opened its venerable doors to a distinguished assemblage at an event that was nothing short of a cerebral feast. The event was organised by Founder and CEO Olga Balakleets, the visionary behind Creative Woman Platform, Avel Lenttan, Founder and CEO of InspiredRing, served as a Board Member and Global Ambassador of CWP, and Ilenia Lombardi, an international lawyer and the founder of BLI Network who also presides as Chair of CWP Italy and a Board Member of the CWP.

The illustrious congregation included a plethora of business magnates, cultural savants, financial wizards, political luminaries, and artistic virtuosos, alongside venerated members of the international press. Mr. Angelo Rallo also played a pivotal role in the seamless execution of the event.

The Palazzo Visconti, a location steeped in history and splendor, played host to around 100 visionaries. The event culminated with a dazzling exhibition by ballet virtuosos, further elevating the evening's cultural vibrancy.

The roster of speakers was a veritable who's who of the intellectual elite, featuring Paola De Martini, a sage in law and finance; Anna De Stefano, a paragon of legal creativity; the internationally renowned lawyer Nancy Dell'Olio; Manuela Rafaiani, who straddles the realms of law and journalism with equal aplomb; and Anna Shpak, whose work with Generation Impact Global paves the way for future pioneers.

Also gracing the stage were Giovanni Marco Borroni, an authority on auditing and accounting; Fabio Rotella, Loukia Kyprianidou of LK Designs Studio and Swissmed Health, and Marianna Marcucci, a digital invasion co-conspirator. Not to be outdone, the artistic contingent boasted Svetlana Cameron, Alison Jackson, and Carloys Sery of Tren, alongside the entrepreneurial minds like Carla Borlè Castiglioni.

The UK Parliamentary Society for Arts, Fashion, and Sports was represented by Rebeca Riofrio, serving as its Chair and Honorary Ambassador of CWP and Board Member of CWP. The coaching realm witnessed the insights of Jill Douka CWP Chair in Greece and Board Member of CWP, while Laura Timm Board Member of CWP offered strategic insights on her speech. The confluence of global minds included Denada Bare Rauch from ADLR Partners AG, CWP Chair in Albania & Lichtenstein and Board Member of CWP, alongside Pina Grasso, whose fashion designs added a layer of aesthetic pleasure to the proceedings.

Nicoletta Manni and Timofej Andrijashenko, principal dancers at Teatro alla Scala performed Caravaggio by Mauro Bigonzetti, along with Denis Shapovalov an award-winning cellist played Campana Italiane, and the melodious Vanessa Mini, ensured the evening was as enchanting musically as it was intellectually.

Each speech delivered was not merely heard but resonated deeply, stirring the audience with its profound insights and groundbreaking propositions, whilst the entertainment interludes provided a harmonious counterpoint to the cerebral discourse. Indeed, the amalgamation of thought leadership and artistic performance rendered the event a microcosm of the renaissance spirit, alive and pulsating within the hallowed walls of the Palazzo Visconti.

As the evening waned, the participants left with not just the memory of the historic venue and its artistic intermezzos, but also with the indelible imprint of ideas that transcended the ordinary discourse of enterprise and creativity. This was a gathering that not only celebrated the collective achievements and aspirations of its illustrious attendees but also set a new benchmark for future symposia where the confluence of diverse disciplines can yield a tapestry of insights that propel societies towards greater heights.

In essence, this event at Palazzo Visconti was not just a rendezvous of minds and talents; it was a crucible where the future of leadership, creativity, and collaboration was fervently forged in the company of those who not only walk the walk but talk an inspiring game. Each speech, a soliloquy of wisdom; every performance, a ballet of grace and strength, served to remind us that when the brilliant come together, the outcome is nothing short of magical.

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