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Review: 'IMAGO' - An Emotional Odyssey in Ballet at Lanterns Studio Theatre

Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the UK premiere of 'IMAGO' at Lanterns Studio Theatre, an event that proved to be not just a ballet performance but a profound emotional journey. Crafted by the renowned dance duo Pett|Clausen-Knight, 'IMAGO' presented an intense, unusual, and emotional evening that transported the audience through the deepest parts of the human experience.

The performance explored the complex dynamics of human relationships, from childhood to adult interactions, using a unique dance language enriched with striking floral installations. This creative expression vividly brought to life the emotional landscapes and intricate interactions that define our connections with others.

Set in the intimate ambiance of Lanterns Studio Theatre, the proximity allowed the audience to feel every expression and movement, amplifying the intensity of the experience. It felt akin to a therapeutic session, delving into the subconscious and prompting introspection about personal journeys, internal emotions, and decisions. The entire evening was like a dialogue with one’s inner self, facilitated by the exquisite choreography known for its strength and sensitivity.

The performance was complemented by a mesmerizing score from multi-instrumentalist Sean Pett, which harmonized perfectly with the dance, enhancing the emotional and sensory journey of the audience.

Following the performance, a Meet & Greet session with Pett|Clausen-Knight offered additional insights into their creative process, adding another layer of depth to the experience.

Overall, 'IMAGO' was a transformative event that redefined the possibilities of ballet as a medium of profound expression. It was a night of enchantment that earned a well-deserved five stars, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. For those seeking an evening of artistic innovation and emotional exploration, 'IMAGO' was an unforgettable encounter with the art of dance.



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