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Reimagining Sexual Health: The App You Wish Existed When You Were Single and Ready to Mingle

Reimagining Sexual Health: The App You Wish Existed When You Were Single and Ready to Mingle

Introducing Zults™: The Game-Changer in Sexual Health Conversations

Ever wished for an easy way to discuss sexual health without awkwardness? Zults™ is here to revolutionise those tricky conversations. Designed with the digital-savvy, health-conscious individual in mind, this groundbreaking app simplifies sharing STI results, making those essential yet often uncomfortable discussions a breeze.

Reimagining Sexual Health: The App You Wish Existed When You Were Single and Ready to Mingle

A Smart Solution for Sexual Health Transparency

Launching in partnership with Sexual Health London (SHL), Zults™ aims to address the escalating STI crisis in the UK. With STI diagnoses on the rise, the app offers a streamlined method for users to share their latest STI results securely and stigma-free. Supported by the NHS, Zults™ ensures that managing sexual health is not just important, but also effortless.

Key Features of Zults™

  • Secure Rezults Card: Users can transfer their STI results to a secure, user-friendly 'rezults' card, sharable even with those who don't have the app.

  • Easy Sharing: Share your 'rezults' via link, QR code, Bluetooth, or directly add them to Apple or Google Wallet for quick access.

  • Privacy and Security: Zults™ prioritises the confidentiality of your health information.

Georgia Di Mattos, Zults’ CEO and co-founder, underscores the app's mission: “We are immensely excited about launching Zults. By creating a platform that normalises sexual health discussions, we can significantly reduce STI transmissions and improve public health for millions.”
Why Zults™ is Essential

Recent data from the UK Health Security Agency highlights the urgency of this innovation:

  • In 2023, new STI diagnoses increased by 4.7%, with 401,800 new cases reported.

  • Gonorrhoea cases rose by 7.5%, while syphilis diagnoses saw a 9.4% increase.

  • Young people aged 15-24, particularly those in ethnic minority groups, are disproportionately affected.

These statistics underline the need for proactive measures in sexual health management. Zults™ steps in to fill this gap, promoting a culture of accountability and informed decision-making.

A Vision for the Future

While Zults™ currently partners with SHL, the vision extends far beyond. The goal is to integrate with various sexual health providers and dating apps, making Zults™ the go-to platform for anyone looking to take control of their sexual health.

Download and Stay Informed

Zults™ is now available for free download on the Apple Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the official Zults website.

For media enquiries or requests for imagery and demonstration videos, please contact:

Emily Hallinan | +44 (0) 7749 740924 |

About Zults™ Founded in 2024, Zults™ aims to enhance communication around sexual health. With a mission to reduce the spread of STIs through innovative technology, Zults™ is committed to fostering a healthier, more informed society.

Transform Your Sexual Health Conversations Today with Zults™!


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