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By Pamela Rüstem Deputy Chair of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum (CSTF) in Parliament

RE-IMAGINED CYBER SECURITY IN THE COVID ERA - By Pamela Rüstem Deputy Chair of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum (CSTF) in Parliament

Covid has brought with it a re-imagined era, in which we have to adapt to a new wave of tech criminals who have used Covid-19 to their advantage.

According to Top Cybersecurity Statistics, Facts and Figures 2021 “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also had a major impact on cybersecurity. Online scams spiked by more than 400% in March 2020 compared to previous months, according to international law firm Reed Smith, while Google revealed it was blocking more than 18 million malware and phishing emails related to COVID-19 every day.”

RE-IMAGINED CYBER SECURITY IN THE COVID ERA - By Pamela Rüstem Deputy Chair of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum (CSTF) in Parliament

Now more than ever our security is at risk, costing organisations millions of pounds each year. The loss is often unmeasurable in terms of time, energy and data. Cyber criminals are becoming ever cleverer and strategic in their attacks, and our pre-set response has to be robust. An attack must come up against a brick wall, that’s my personal aim with an advanced product, to be launched by my new company soon.

Cyber security is a fascinating subject, it’s one I’ve embraced following a career in telecoms, working globally with major companies around the world. Whilst not technically minded, the ability to ‘translate the concept’ to others is something of a superpower. Passion for the subject and my values of protecting our businesses and citizens from malicious cyber-attacks, propels me forward to learn as much as I can about this exciting and ever-changing subject.

Particularly fortunate to be surrounded by the greatest minds in tech and security, who translate how the malicious attacks are carried out and how they could be potentially prevented.

Moving forward to co-found my new company, we’ve successfully invented a radical and proactive way of preventing attacks by identifying malware by its key characteristics. This success means we can prevent the attack from taking place in the first instance. Rather than being reactive, firefighting and playing catch up on attacks as they come along, we can proactively stop unnecessary loss in its tracks.

As a result of my work in the cyber security industry I was delighted to be invited to become part of the Conservative Science and Technology Forum (CSTF) in Parliament.

The CSTF was founded in 1978, a UK think tank and Policy Advisory Body. Consulting on Industry, Academia and other key subjects. Discussing important technological and societal issues and putting them into mainstream political context. As Deputy Chair it’s my honour to be part of esteemed company including; Members of the Houses of Parliament and House of Lords, and carefully chosen business leaders in the science and tech arena.

It’s not a Lobby Group, but rather CSTF exists to help develop discussion and policies on a higher level, enabling the UK to harness advances in Technology to remain a leader in the global knowledge economy. Our challenge is to become aligned with flow of information between relevant parties.

Part of my role as co-founder of a cyber security business, is to share my expertise with CSTF to help protect our online systems and impact UK policy in a positive way. Bringing about effective change in our policies at national level, while filtering out to the rest of the world. I truly believe that one person with the right convictions can make a positive difference.

On a personal level, I’m always open to the next great innovation out there in terms of better, simpler and more effective ways of doing things. That new idea unicorn in cyber security sustainability.

Partnering with likeminded individuals is paramount for us all to move forward as a society, and I’m delighted to be a Board member for an investment company who do just that. Seeking out new ideas, innovations and finding the funding to realise those ideas, taking us all to the next level and greatly benefitting the United Kingdom and our organisations.

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Pamela Rüstem bio

As a passionate campaigner for change and mentor of young people, Pamela Rüstem is Non-Executive Director for 8Billionideas. One of twenty organisations chosen by the Prince’s Trust with the mission of giving every student on the planet the skills and belief they could change the world.

Pamela also holds editorial and executive membership on a variety of boards, with strong focus on education, cybersecurity and innovative technologies. Former Judge for the SC Awards and Editorial Board Member of SC Magazine, the leading source of Cybersecurity information since 1989.

She successfully campaigned for 11 years to save a 133-year-old, 4.8 hectare playing field, now home to a sports facility offering football, rugby, and multi-sport for the community and schools in the Blackheath area.

Co-founder of an innovative cyber security company, it’s her passionate belief, that one person with the right convictions can effect positive change in the world.


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