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Raphia Flavours of Morocco By Way of London

A frustration with what called itself Moroccan in London, inspired Zineb Faress to found Raphia. Zineb’s mission for Raphia is to keep alive the tradition of Moroccan hospitality, and to celebrate sharing a love of food, feasting, family and community. The value of togetherness is not just the bedrock of Raphia’s ethos, but of Moroccan culture. And food is the soundtrack to Moroccan family life.

Raphia launched online with a mouthwatering collection of 80 treasured artisan products that are a roll call of the finest Moroccan ingredients. There are locally sourced honey, dates, cinnamon, figs, oranges, lemons and limes, roses, ginger, almonds and pistachio — a wonderful way to indulge all five senses and lure in the taste buds.

The traditional Moroccan pastries on offer include the rather spectacular looking Gazelle Horns, best piled high on a Moroccan vintage metal plate and served with lots of mint tea — then stand back and watch as your guests proclaim they can really only manage one, only to make short work of four or five of these fellows.

And the chocolate lover is in for a treat. There’s something for everyone here. Choose from Mendiants, Pralines, Rochers, Calissous and Chocolate Fruits and if you can’t choose, Raphia has that covered, with a fabulous choice of pick and mix or luxuriously packaged assortment boxes.

The brand though is more than an exquisitely curated selection of local treats and delicacies. From the get-go Raphia has been committed to supporting local producers and communities and is especially passionate about empowering women. Both socially and economically.

This is evidenced through Raphia’s much prized Argan oil (aka Moroccan gold) and first pressed lemon infused olive oil produced by the women’s co-operatives of Essaouira and the Souss Plain. The women earn a fair price for their endeavours which in turn benefits them, their families and their villages. It is through brands such as Raphia that the country’s co-operatives continue to grow and prosper.



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