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One Step Ahead of the Curve:6 Breaking AW21 Runway Trends You Need to Know!

By fashion stylist Arjola Lala, @ arjola_lala

I know, I know, the summer vibes are on, and you’re probably thinking about beach way and holiday packing – but those dedicated fashionista amongst us will quietly be mulling over the latest from AW21 designer runway news with one question in mind – ‘what will be the must have looks for autumn 2021?’

To make life easy, we’ve preed the very best of breaking runway fashion news into 6 Autumn Winter trends that will mean you’re one step ahead of the curve.


Words by: Arjola Lala, @ arjola_lala

About: Arjoloa Lala is a Fashion & Personal Stylist, having graduated from advanced training at the London College of Style.


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