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NICOLI – Celebrities favourite accessories label opens on Bond Street London

In the heart of Mayfair during the London Fashion Week AW22, NICOLI opened their doors to press and celebrities.

NICOLI – Celebrities favourite accessories label opens on Bond Street London

Invited by the iconic Lara Accison and hosted by the owner of the Al Jaroodi Group and their representatives in an event curated by Jalila Elmastouki; we indulge ourselves in a fairytale world of crystals and high end designs. Beautiful food by Om Waleed and models wearing Rasha London.

The luxury brand, which has been based in Dubai since its establishment in 2004, works with artisan factories across the globe, operating hand in hand within the region to create a global impact. Also building a global footprint, NICOLI aspires to continue with this ethos through its newest boutique.

Drawing on the craftsmanship and knowledge of their artisans ensures NICOLI is always at the forefront of trends and innovation. From embellishments to silhouettes and finishing touches, the team is constantly working on something special for its elite clientele.


GRAMMY nominated singer Nicole Scherzinger carries NICOLI Rounded Square Pearl Clutch 👛 while attending the Global Spin Awards at The Novo

Actress Tiffany Haddish carried the 'Miranda' clutch by Nicoli while on the red carpet for the Annual All DEF Movie Awards at Belasco Theatre

Stunning Supermodel and TV personality Heidi Klum wore a clutch by Nicoli while attending the Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Stunning Model/Actress Pamela Anderson carries a #clutch by #Nicoli on the red carpet for the #Harper's #Bazaar 'ICONS

Loved by Hollywood’s elite, NICOLI has been spotted on the likes of Heidi Klum, Tiffany Haddish, Kathy Griffin and so many more. It is also treasured by women across the region for its dazzling and sophisticated designs.

Photo by Francisco C Okakwu

Award winner Global Influencer Hofit Golan leaving the NICOLI opening event in London

Stunning #Singer/ #TV #Star Christina Milian carries NICOLI #Montana #Clutch to #GQ's 10th Annual '#Love, #Sex, and #Madness' #party at #Chateau #Marmont in Los Angeles, CA. Christina attended the #event alongside her model best friend, Karruche Tran, to #celebrate the #magazine's #unveiling of their current cover featuring #Kim #Kardashian #West.

Giving women glamorous yet comfortable height options that exudes style, NICOLI thus becomes their ultimate confidante. NICOLI offers varied and stunning style options from flats, block heel sandals, pumps and more that have become a wardrobe staple for the women of today.

NICOLI captures the essence of the modest trendsetters who fancy the diamanté embellished designs to be the star of the show. The same attention to detail has been nurtured in NICOLI’s line of handbags and clutches, with most designs also featuring the brand’s signature diamanté detailing.

Speaking about the launch of its newest store in London, Khurram says “ With this opening, we want to be able to offer our customers an iconic experience by bringing together a collection that combines vibrant, sharp and traditional pieces to expose their style and creativity. Allowing for complete quality control, the pieces create an unmistakable yet irresistible charm to last through any occasion and capture every single eye in the room.”

Photo by Francisco C Okakwu

arriving to the NICOLI event - fashion designer of the stars Malan Breton and the Chairwoman for the UK Parliamentary Society of Arts Rebeca Riofrio

Chairwoman for the UK Parliamentary Society of Arts Rebeca Riofrio, Artists Natalia Kapchuk and designer Malan Breton at the NICOLI event

NICOLI event curator Jalila Elmastouki

Owner of the Al Jaroodi Group and the Director of the UK Parliamentary Society of Arts Rebeca Riofrio

Exclusivity is the foundational strategy of NICOLI, ensuring limited quantities of their beautifully crafted collections every season. The NICOLI bridal collection is contrived keeping in mind the bride bedazzles and turns heads with every step she takes. Thus, twelve limited-edition collections are also carved out every year, making sure the “brides to be” always have something to look forward to.

Photo by Francisco C Okakwu

NICOLI – Celebrities favourite accessories label opens on Bond Street London. - Food at NICOLI event by Om Waleed and dresses by Rasha London

Ever evolving as a brand, NICOLI has also launched a collection of avant-garde fragrances.

With one of its kind leather bottles that are handmade with the same sophisticated finish NICOLI is known for, they are reminiscent of the precious scents that lie inside. Working with unique ingredients, each fragrance has been composed to linger forever. Be spoilt for choice between fruity to citrus notes and woody to spicy, and of course some oud with NICOLI’s Grigio blend.

Going above and beyond, NICOLI guest always receives exceptional customer service at every journey with NICOLI. Part of the Al Jaroodi Group, established in 1980, NICOLI remains a private enterprise that allows the team to maintain the exclusive experience to their discerning clientele; from its products to their exquisite designs.

NICOLI has a global presence via its virtual store


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