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NEUE Water Launches Second Collection of Artist-Designed Labels, Uniting Sustainability and Luxury

NEUE Water Launches Second Collection of Artist-Designed Labels, Uniting Sustainability and Luxury

For those constantly on the move, yet mindful of the environmental impact that purchasing water bottles can create, NEUE Water offers a refreshing solution. This innovative brand effortlessly blends convenience, aesthetic appeal, and a strong commitment to sustainability. The beautifully crafted bottles are not only convenient to carry but are also fashioned from 100% recycled plastic, embodying NEUE Water's dedication to both luxury and ecological responsibility.

London, August 2023: NEUE Water, the pioneer in sustainable luxury bottled water in the UK and Europe, is proud to present its second collection of artist-designed labels made with 100% recycled plastic bottles. This exclusive series showcases five limited edition prints by New Zealand-based CreamCo, and will be launched on August 15th at Harrods and select retailers.

NEUE Water, Uniting Sustainability and Luxury
A Fusion of Aesthetics and Responsibility

The aesthetic inspiration for these unique designs comes from the lively, sun-kissed moments of summer, encapsulating the joy and vibrancy of the season. However, NEUE Water's commitment goes beyond mere aesthetics; its focus on environmental consciousness sets it apart.


Innovation in Recycling and Design

The innovative flat-shaped bottles, elegantly fashioned from 100% recycled plastic, not only create a distinctive appearance but also align with people's lifestyles. This conscious design underlines NEUE Water's award-winning commitment to using recycled plastic (rPET), which plays a crucial role in supporting a circular economy.

Benefits of Using Recycled Plastic

The use of rPET promotes an eco-friendly approach by:

Reducing Carbon Footprint: Manufacturing with recycled plastic considerably lowers energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Promoting Sustainability: By reusing plastic, NEUE Water ensures that fewer raw materials are exploited, fostering a sustainable and responsible consumption pattern.

Educating Consumers: NEUE Water aims to educate consumers about the advantages of rPET, encouraging more environmentally friendly choices.

Uncompromised Quality

Despite its focus on sustainability, NEUE Water does not compromise on quality. The brand sources its smooth, award-winning artesian natural mineral water from a Danish well, maintaining purity and taste. The water, bottled just meters from its source, has earned a gold medal at the prestigious Fine Water Society Taste Awards.

NEUE Water, Uniting Sustainability and Luxury

Price and Availability

NEUE Water can be purchased from, Harrods, and other fine retailers starting at £2.99 for a 500ml bottle.

Michael Lowers founder of NEUE Water

A Mission Beyond Bottles

Founded by Michael Lowers, NEUE Water aims to revolutionize the way bottled water is consumed. Designed with the modern consumer in mind, the brand focuses on sustainability by exclusively using 100% recycled plastic. Its functional and stylish bottles easily slip into bags, pockets, and various storage spaces, catering to contemporary living.

With its smooth, round flavor, NEUE Water stands out not just for its taste but also for its responsible sourcing and bottling practices. Drawn from an untouched artesian aquifer in Southern Denmark, the water's purity is safeguarded by natural rock and clay layers.

NEUE Water, Uniting Sustainability and Luxury

NEUE Water's latest collection is more than just a series of beautifully designed bottles; it's a statement on the importance of environmental consciousness in today's consumer market. By merging luxury with sustainability, NEUE Water is not only quenching thirst but also nurturing a responsible and sustainable future.

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NEUE Water Bottle Stats:
  • 100% recyclable bottle, label, and cap

  • 100% recyclable boxing

  • Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic

  • About NEUE Water:

  • Europe’s first black-owned bottled water brand on a mission to change bottled water consumption, focusing on sustainability and fitting contemporary lifestyles.


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