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Leomie Anderson's Powerhouse Panel: Shaping the Future of Fempreneurship

Updated: Mar 26

In the heart of Mayfair, within the opulence of the Bentley – Jack Barclay showroom, an event unfurled that would mark a significant stride in the dialog of women in business. On the 15th of March, 2024, under the glowing chandeliers and between walls lined with motoring luxury, Victoria's Secret model Leomie Anderson took to the stage, not to flaunt the latest fashion, but to host a gathering of minds – the International Women's Day Panel in association with her brand LAPP, and produced by Lara Accison of LALDN Productions.

The evening, sponsored by Bentley Jack Barclay, was more than just a soiree of overflowing champagne and delicate canapés. It was an evening where success stories were shared, where wisdom was imparted, and where the very essence of women’s entrepreneurial spirit was celebrated. Leomie Anderson, a paragon of poise and purpose, led a panel of illustrious women who epitomised the very idea that one's origins do not dictate their destinations.

The panel comprised Alice Jónsdóttir F,  global PR & communications at Corinthia Hotels, whose narrative is a testament to the power of strategic communication in the corporate sphere. Georgia Medley, the 'Style Goalien', provided insights into the dynamics of fashion and personal branding. Hayley Mack, CEO & Founder of CENT Creative, expounded on the nexus of creativity and entrepreneurship. Patricia Bright, founder of The Break Platform, offered sagacious advice on leveraging digital platforms for financial empowerment.

Their discussion spanned the gamut of topics at the forefront of contemporary business dialogues. They delved into the psychological battle against 'imposter syndrome', a pervasive deterrent to women's progression in their respective fields. Financial literacy, particularly in the valuation of artistic craft in the digital domain, was underscored as a fundamental competency. The creation of a supportive network, or a 'tribe', was advocated not merely as a means of emotional support but as a strategic business alliance.

The atmosphere buzzed with a palpable dynamism, as women from various sectors – politicians, journalists, educators, public relations experts, hoteliers, jewellers, designers, actors, TikTok creators, YouTubers, musicians, models, and celebrities – engaged in dialogue, exchanged business cards, and fortified connections.

In an era where digital content is king, these women highlighted the importance of not only adapting to but mastering this domain. They spoke of 'trusting your gut' and the pursuit of 'financial freedom' – tenets that they lived by on their ascension to success. It was a celebration not just of individual triumph but of collective empowerment.

For those yearning to learn more about these paragons of industry, to glean further from their experiences, and to draw inspiration from their stories, their journeys are just a click away on Instagram.

Connect with Leomie Anderson's pioneering vision at @leomicanderson and her brand @lappthebrand.

Discover the luxury of Bentley Jack Barclay at @hrowenbentley.

And for personal insights into the panellists' philosophies and career trajectories, follow @aliceelinborg, @georgmedley, @hayleymackkk, and @patriciabright.

This event was not simply an evening of grandeur; it was a symposium of success, a convergence of courage, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of women in the creative industry and beyond. It was a narrative woven not of silk and threads but of dreams and determination, a chronicle of what women can and have achieved when given the stage they so rightly deserve.

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