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Harris Reed's 'Fluid': A Sartorial Symphony of Queer Expression


Harris Reed's Book Launch at the Victorian Albert Museum's- Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre in conversation with Elle UK's Chief Editor, Kenya Hunt

In a captivating soirée held yesterday at the hallowed Victorian Albert Museum's Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, curated by Stefanie Agar and conducted by Elle UK's Chief Editor, Kenya Hunt, engaged in a mesmerizing tête-à-tête with none other than the fashion designer, innovator, and author, Harris Reed. The occasion marked the grand revelation of their latest literary magnum opus, "Fluid: A Fashion Revolution."

Reed's opulent narrative unfolds across twelve meticulously crafted chapters, tracing the labyrinthine path of their life in a symphonic chronological procession. The journey commences with poignant recollections of a childhood characterized by audacious forays into self-expression, exemplified by their bold choice of blond wigs and their mother's high heels. It then delves into the profound challenges faced while crafting their art within the confines of a hotel room during the relentless pandemic. Reed, with the artistry of a virtuoso, paints a vivid portrait of the historical currents that have steered the course of fashion, and divulges the closely-guarded secrets behind the iconic garment that adorned Harry Styles in "American Vogue." The book's narrative thread effortlessly weaves through their transformative creations for luminaries such as Beyoncé and Selena Gomez, propelling the discourse surrounding gender fluidity into uncharted territory.

Harris Reed's Book Launch at the Victorian Albert Museum's- Lydia & Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre

Victoria and Albert Museum London

With eloquence befitting a virtuoso, Reed describes their book as a harmonious interplay between aspirational imagery and illuminating anecdotes, offering profound insights into the multifaceted realm of fluidity. In their own words, Reed aspires to normalize the discourse on fluidity and queerness, stripping away the trappings of sensationalism that often accompany their media portrayal. Alongside their confidant, Alessandro Michele, the former creative director of Gucci, Reed stands as an unwavering advocate of the fluidity movement.

The book's title, "Fluid," encapsulates the essence of its subject matter succinctly, mirroring Reed's personal journey and the broader discourse surrounding gender fluidity. Reed envisions it as a coffee table tome for the discerning Gen-Z, designed to be an intimate companion rather than an imposing behemoth.

In an epoch where the very notion of gender undergoes a metamorphosis, Reed passionately advocates that fluidity should transcend the rigid confines of the gender binary. They champion the pursuit of authenticity, emphasizing the importance of embracing what resonates within, irrespective of society's arbitrary constructs. In a political climate where queer spaces face increasing adversity in the United Kingdom, Reed's work emerges as a luminous beacon of hope and enlightenment for those yet uninitiated.

Even in the face of cruel taunts and slurs that mar their online presence, Reed remains resolute. They perceive their work as a bridge between the mainstream and the intricacies of the queer space, fostering understanding and empathy along the way. While the book exuberantly celebrates queer joy, Reed unflinchingly dives into their own traumas and the transformative power of therapy.

Photos from Reeds Instagram

Amidst the whirlwind of book promotion, the 27-year-old polymath is poised to unveil two remarkable collections during the forthcoming fashion week circuit, one in London and another in Paris. Their eponymous label will take center stage in London, promising a night of sartorial exuberance, while their third Nina Ricci collection will align with Paris Fashion Week.

Within the pages of "Fluid," Harris Reed's resplendent journey beckons us to embrace the beauty of fluidity, to challenge the norms that confine us, and to revel in the kaleidoscope of human expression. In their indomitable spirit, they chart a course towards a world where fluidity is celebrated as the norm, transcending the shackles of conformity.

Designer Harris Reed and Rebeca Riofrio Chairwoman for the Parliamentary Society for Art & Fashion

Moreover, Reed's insistence on using "they/them" pronouns underscores the profound importance of identity and self-expression. They place a significant emphasis on the quest to find one's "tribe," those unwavering supporters who stand by one's side throughout life's intricate journey. Amongst the audience at the event, Reed's loyal team of friends, along with their husband and technology expert, Eitan Senerman, played pivotal roles in bolstering their strength and providing unwavering support.

As Harris Reed continues to blaze a trail in the world of fashion and beyond, "Fluid" serves not only as a testament to their remarkable journey but also as a beacon for those in search of their own tribe and the unyielding support that can illuminate the path forward.



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