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Elaph Media Publication and FT magazine ‘How to Spend it’ solidified their alliance in London

On Tuesday 28th of September 2021 in a 18th century Mayfair townhouse, Elaph Media Publication and the Financial Times Magazine, ‘How to Spend it’ solidified their alliances with the launch of their first magazine edition in the Arabic language.

James Lamont - Director of Strategic Partnerships, Rebeca Riofrio - Editor-in-Chief Parliament News Magazine, John Ridding - CEO of FT, Jameel Al-Thiyabi - Editor-in-Chief - Okaz Newspaper, Othman Al Omeir Publisher- Elaph Media Publications

The Launch ceremony was hosted by Elpah Media Publications - Publisher Othman Al Omeir were he welcomed the audience and highlighted the importance of this coalition.

Othman Al Omeir Publisher Elaph Media Publications

“We believe that this magazine will succeed because it combines two languages, two different worlds ​​and is different from other publications in the Arab world “added Al-Omeir.

Emile Issac Elaph, Jo Ellison - FT HTSI editor, Othman Al Omeir Elaph Editor-in-Chief, Alec Rusell - FT Weekend Editor

FT Weekend editor Alec Russell praised the project and described How To Spend It as the best luxury magazine. “It’s exciting to expand into additional languages,” he said, highlighting the horizon of magazine success and addressing new readers.

Jo Ellison, editor of How To Spend It, said that the rapid economic development of the Gulf market “can rethink the concept of luxury and consumer markets, especially as the Gulf countries have become major tourist destinations. “

“When I started talking about the Arabic version, I was thrilled with its ability and the idea of ​​having some dialogue with another editorial team that produced real content. The editorial team was in London, Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Casablanca. This is an outstanding international project, as it works among other cities, “she added.

Elaph’s Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Claxton

Elaph’s Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Claxton said the agreement between Elaph and The Financial Times to publish How To Spend It Arabic not only translates English content for Arab readers, but also Elaph’s creates original content for its readers. “

“Elaph sees The Financial Times’ new partnership with How To Spend It as a game changer for editorial and commercial regional journalism. The Middle East today sees the world in both millionaire numbers and digital content. We are witnessing one of the fastest growing rates, “he added.

Jameel Al-Thiyabi - Editor-in-Chief and Rebeca Riofrio Editor-in-Chief Parliament News Magazine


Dartmouth House London, venue of this event


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