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Dame Tessy Antony de Nassau: Forefront of Global Accord and Sino Phil Asia Peace Prize Laureate of 2024

The Sino Phil Asia International Peace Awards Foundation perennially illuminates those whose endeavors advance the cause of peace. The array of the 2024 laureates embodies the myriad avenues leading to the cultivation of worldwide concord. Distinct among these dignitaries is Tessy Antony de Nassau, lauded for her extensive contributions to humanitarian work, which range from distinguished military service to the promotion of educational initiatives.

Dame Tessy's recognition places her in the esteemed ranks of her peers, acknowledged for their remarkable contributions. The 2024 circle of honor includes notables such as His Excellency Stejepan Mesic, the former leader of Yugoslavia and Croatia, renowned for his diplomatic acumen. Professor Timothy Russell Bedding is commended for his seminal research in physics, while Mr. Tomas Griffiths is recognized for his influential presence in the realm of performing arts. Dr. Mario Eiro, with his expertise in cardiology, stands as a symbol of optimism in healthcare, paralleled by Dr. Jun Li and Ms. Xiaobing Wang for their dedication to public health.

In the sphere of public service, the accolade extends to His Excellency Jozsef Bence and Dr. Jozsef Terek, the latter celebrated for elevating Hungarian musical education to a level of international repute. The youngest among the lauded is Mr. Alijay Villena, whose athletic prowess has merited recognition. From Mr. Ahad Azimzadeh's altruistic endeavors in founding orphanages to the extensive diplomatic and public service efforts of individuals such as Mr. Ajay Villariman and His Excellency Jozsef Bence, each laureate has distinctly contributed to the peacekeeping process.

The sector of humanitarianism is notably enriched by the efforts of Dr. Robert Gordon Ross McInally and Ms. Estrella Borda Ruppert, while Dr. Jiefeng Yu's impact in public health service is commendable. Dr. Bernice King, inheritor of Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy, continues to shape civil rights and societal transformation, underscoring the profound influence one can exert on peace endeavors.

The Prize equally esteems educators like Mr. Brian Keith Krolicki for his public service in Nevada and leaders such as Mr. Brian David Schweitzer, the former Governor of Montana, celebrated for his unwavering dedication to the public good. In the domain of commerce, Mr. Gregory Michael Wong has been influential in fostering peace through his efforts in economic development.

Dame Tessy Antony de Nassau exemplifies the ethos of the Sino Phil Asia Peace Prize with her commitment to service, peace, and the enrichment of humankind. Her multifaceted pursuits and endeavors mirror the Prize's principles, embodying a devotion to peace and education.

In a ceremony marked by prestige, Dame Tessy expressed gratitude to Chairman Billy Chan, Dr. Manson Fok, Mr. Stephan Breu, and her fellow honorees. Her journey from the Luxembourg military to educational leadership epitomizes a lifetime of service to humanity. Tessy's role in founding Professors Without Borders and its expansion is demonstrative of her commitment to actionable change. Her accomplishments have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Dame Grand Cross of Order of Adolphe of Nassau and the Woman of the Decade accolade.

A published author and licensed board director with credentials from IMD, Tessy infuses her endeavors with expertise and empathy. Her tenure with VICE Media UK and her successful consultancy in sustainability and development exhibit her capability to drive change across various sectors. Her entrepreneurial flair is also evident in her co-founding of Human Highness, a haute couture label.

The Sino Phil Asia Peace Prize of 2024 is a tribute to Dame Tessy Antony de Nassau's unwavering efforts toward global amity and prosperity. Her speech in Manila, inspired by Senator Emanuel Davie Jones, encapsulated her philosophy that our origins matter less than the trajectory of our journey and the lives we impact.

Founder of the Peace Foundation Dr Fok, Dame Tessy Antony de Nassau, Dr Chan and Mr Pierre Ernst

As Dame Tessy Antony de Nassau forges forward in her quest for peace through education and leadership, her life's work stands as an inspiration. The Sino Phil Asia Peace Prize of 2024, bestowed in Manila, celebrates not only individual prowess but also the interconnected fates of those exemplary in leading by example.

In honoring Dame Tessy and her fellow laureates, we are reminded that the genesis of peace is the empowerment of each person, leading to the collective transformation of society.

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