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An Ode to Mercury: Sotheby's Unveils a Monumental Exhibition Dedicated to the Late Freddie Mercury

An Ode to Mercury: Sotheby's Unveils a Monumental Exhibition Dedicated to the Late Freddie Mercury

A Journey into a Rock Icon's Private Universe Transforms London's Art Scene

In an unprecedented enterprise of cultural significance, Sotheby's London has orchestrated an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the indelible legacy of Freddie Mercury, the illustrious frontman of the iconic rock band Queen. The exhibit, sublimely titled 'Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own', bestows upon the public an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the personal and aesthetic universe of a man who was not merely a singer but an emblem of cultural transformation.

An Ode to Mercury: Sotheby's Unveils a Monumental Exhibition Dedicated to the Late Freddie Mercury

A Treasure Trove of Personal Artefacts

The exhibit was inaugurated subsequent to an announcement in April, revealing the availability of some 1,400 items from Mercury's London residence, a sanctuary that had remained largely undisturbed for three decades. This remarkable cache, destined for auction this September, has been meticulously curated for public display at Sotheby's distinguished galleries. Among the plethora of objects are handwritten lyrics, intimate Polaroid photographs, and an array of sartorial delights that graced Mercury's vibrant stage performances.

Show-Stopping Highlights

The highpoints of this monumental exhibition are items of such symbolic weight that they could easily be classified as secular relics. Conspicuous among them is the crown and cloak ensemble donned by Mercury during 'The Magic Tour' of 1986, an outfit that conferred upon him a nearly regal bearing. Accompanying this is his red kimono replete with ornate fans—a sartorial piece resonating with the exoticism that often infused his performances.

Arguably, the pièce de résistance is Mercury's Yamaha grand piano, the very instrument upon which he composed the timeless anthem 'We Are The Champions'. An esteemed source reveals that the piano is poised to fetch a sum ranging between £2 million and £3 million.

Moreover, the assemblage incorporates diverse paraphernalia including a handwritten draft of Queen’s 1975 magnum opus 'Bohemian Rhapsody', art pieces by Salvador Dali, notebooks detailing dinner party guest lists, and even Adidas high-top sneakers that hark back to the '80s zeitgeist.

An Ode to Mercury: Sotheby's Unveils a Monumental Exhibition Dedicated to the Late Freddie Mercury

A Multi-Faceted Experience

The exhibition comprises 15 individual galleries, each devoted to a distinct facet of Mercury's labyrinthine existence. Visitors are transported through fastidiously recreated environments resembling his private bedroom, bar, and dining room, furnishing them with an illusory sense of intimacy with the artist.

Stuart Watts, Publicist & PR: The Man Behind Bringing VIPs to This Sotheby's Exhibit

Rebeca Riofrio director for the Parliamentary Society of Arts at the Freddie Mercury Exhibit

Public Fervour in the West End

The exhibition has elicited a palpable enthusiasm amongst Londoners and international visitors alike. According to Celebrity PR Stuart Watts, the queue for entry was observed snaking around the block, exemplifying the aura of 'Freddie fever' that has suffused the West End.

Interviews with attendees revealed a spectrum of anticipations. Cristina from Italy, accompanied by her daughter Teresa, articulated her urgency to witness the collection, describing it as the "first and last" chance to do so. Meanwhile, Stephen—a self-proclaimed Queen aficionado—had a more ambulatory experience, planning to conclude his day with a trip to the 'We Will Rock You' musical.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

The exhibition, slated to run until 5th September, represents not just a unique assembly of artefacts but an embodiment of a legend who left an indelible mark on rock music and culture at large. It serves as an invitation to both old fans and new generations to commune with the spirit of a man who, in his eclectic splendour, truly wanted it all.

Anastasia Lordanidou TV Presenter & Choreographer at the Freddie Mercury Exhibit Sothebys

As London pays homage to Freddie Mercury, it is clear that the man, the artist, and the phenomenon will continue to reign in hearts across the globe.


Thank you Sothebys London and Stuart Watts for the kind invitation


Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own | The Evening Sale

6 Sep 2023

5:00 PM



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