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A Night of Art and Inspiration: Alison Jackson Projects Awards Ceremony

By Parliamentary Society Press Office

A Day in Your Life Photography -Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina presenting an award with Alison Jackson

Last week at the Cadogan Hall in London was transformed into a dazzling showcase of talent and creativity as Alison Jackson Projects, in partnership with Young K & C Charity, held its annual awards ceremony and exhibition. The prestigious event was graced by the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina, along with other influential personalities from the art industry, including the chairwoman for the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Rebeca Riofrio.

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition

chairwoman for the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Rebeca Riofrio, together with A DAY IN YOUR LIFE winners

The awards ceremony and exhibition serve as a platform to recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of young, underrepresented, and minority photographers and creatives. The event represents a culmination of the year-long efforts of Alison Jackson Projects in fostering the creative development of young talents from diverse backgrounds.

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition

Alison Jackson Projects is on a noble mission to inspire, empower, and provide access to opportunities that were once out of reach for young people from underrepresented and minority groups. Their flagship initiative, "A Day in Your Life," is a community-minded project designed to offer essential skills, education, work placements, career prospects, and life-changing experiences to young aspiring photographers and creatives aged between 4 and 24.

The program unfolds as a series of skills-led photography and creative workshops held during the summer months. These workshops are conducted in various youth clubs, schools, trusts, and community centers, engaging a diverse group of young talents. A team of seasoned photographers, led by the renowned artist Alison Jackson, facilitates these workshops. The annual culmination of these efforts takes the form of a major exhibition and prize-giving ceremony.

Hugh Seaborn CEO at Cadogan at the A Day in Your Life Photography Awards Ceremony

A History of Impact

Since its inception in 2019, the "A Day in Your Life" project has achieved remarkable milestones:

Conducted 12 summer camp programs, offering photography workshops for 8 weeks, in collaboration with 12 youth clubs, schools, and trusts.

Collaborated with esteemed institutions such as The Science Museum, Chelsea Football Club, Design Museum, and V&A, providing young creatives with diverse learning experiences.

Engaged over 450 young aspiring creatives from disadvantaged backgrounds in 2023, doubling its reach since 2019.

Celebrity Photographer Richard Young and an award recipient

Generated over 60,000 images in 2023, reflecting the passion and dedication of these budding artists.

Hosted exhibitions at renowned venues such as the Cadogan Hall, bringing their work to a wider audience.

Exhibited pictures taken at the Design Museum guest from St Mary Ukrainian School

Photography Workshops and Competitions

At the heart of the "A Day in Your Life" initiative lies its photography workshops and competitions. These activities offer life-changing opportunities to young creatives with a range of ages, typically between 5 and 18. The "A Day in Your Life" photography competition serves as a platform for participants to submit their work. Beyond exposure, it offers educational and vocational prizes, including cameras and exclusive short courses at leading universities and colleges.

A Day in Your Life Photography - Alison Jackson, Lady Victoria Hervey, Abdi Aden of Earl's Court Youth Centre and Elizabeth Blake-Thomas

The workshops themselves are designed to help participants develop creative skills, boost self-confidence, foster teamwork, teach storytelling through photography, and connect young artists with mentors and industry professionals. The project provides access to industry-standard equipment and local mentors to help these young photographers in their careers.

A Day in Your Life Photography founder Alison Jackson, Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea Councillor Preety Hudd, Celebrity Photographer and ambassador of this initiative Amanda Eliasch

Eminent Judges and Mentorships

The judging panel for the competition comprises notable figures from various fields, including Chila Burman MBE (Artist), Richard Young (Celebrity Photographer), Ben Burdett (Atlas Gallery), Mark Husson (Photographer), Carol Syz (Photographer), Cllr Catherine Faulks, Francesca Pinto (Art Curator & Advisor), Lady Marie-Dawson (Spinal Injuries Association), Pam Carter-Harte (ShannonAnn Agency), Gareth Davies (Chelsea Football Club), Darren Walsh (Chelsea Football Club), and Alison Jackson (Artist). These mentors, along with other professionals, offer invaluable guidance to budding photographers, ensuring they receive the best advice and support to progress in their creative careers.

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition


Every year, the project hosts major exhibitions of winning photographs, giving these young creatives the opportunity to showcase their talent to a wider audience. Previous exhibitions have been held at esteemed venues like The Saatchi Gallery, SaatchiArt, Physic Garden, Jigsaw stores, Earls Court Festival, and Duke of York Market.

Who Takes Part?

The project primarily serves young people aged 4 to 24 years, with a focus on those from disadvantaged backgrounds. It emphasizes diversity, with representation from various communities in London, including Black British, Caribbean, North African, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Somali, Afghan, and Ukrainian refugees.

A Day in Your Life Photography - artist Ola Solanke and an award recipient

Collaborations and Sponsors

The project has collaborated with prominent organizations, including Stella McCartney, The Design Museum, Parliament, Chelsea Football Club, The Science Museum, and more. These collaborations have contributed to the project's success and impact.

Alison Jackson Projects is supported by several sponsors, including Cadogan Estates, K&C Foundation, Young K&C, The Light Bulb Trust, The University of the Arts Short Courses, and The Chelsea Society, among others.

A Day in Your Life Photography Program & Competition

About Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson, the driving force behind the project, is a contemporary artist, photographer, and filmmaker. Her work challenges the cult of celebrity and explores our fascination with public figures through the lens of photography. Jackson's career includes notable achievements, such as portraits in esteemed institutions like the National Portrait Gallery and SF MOMA. She actively mentors young people and supports various charitable causes.

Alison Jackson Projects continues to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for young, underrepresented, and minority creatives. As it moves into 2024 with renewed vigor and ambitious goals, it is poised to make an even greater impact on the lives of the next generation of artists and photographers.


Chila Burman MBE - Artist

Richard Young - Celebrity Photographer

Ben Burdett - Atlas Gallery

Mark Husson - Photographer

Carol Syz - Photographer

Cllr Catherine Faulks

Francesca Pinto – Art Curator & Advisor

Lady Marie-Dawson – Spinal Injuries Association

Pam Carter-Harte - ShannonAnn Agency

Gareth Davies - Chelsea Football Club

Darren Walsh - Chelsea Football Club

Alison Jackson – Artist


HRH Princess of Yugoslavia

Rebeca Riofrio – Chair of Parliamentary Society of the Arts

Richard Young – Celebrity Photographer

Victoria Steward Todd – K&C Foundation

Ola Solanke - Designer of Sneakers

Anne Welsh - Influencer

Pam CARTER Hart - Acting Model Agency

Claire Coutinho MP – Member of Parliament

Chila Burman MBE – Artist

Daniel Rios - Chelsea Football Club

Richard Thomas - Composer

Mariska Thynne – University of the Arts Short Courses

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