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Sheguang Hu London Fashion Week 2022A/W

Had the chance to review this incredible creative.

Designer Sheguang Hu is someone who truly influences on fashion. His concept of aesthetics has caused a stir in the ever-changing fashion world time and time again.

In 2017, Cannes Film Festival saw the charm of Chinese element through an extravagant dress inspired by traditional floral patten of Northern China; in 2020, models wore outfits with slogans "Keep it Up, China!” “ Hang in there, Wuhan!" for the curtain call at New York Fashion Week; in 2022, Sheguang Hu’s couture collection, themed "A Place" stunned the audience at London Fashion Week. The world media praised the designer Sheguang Hu as “the Pride of the Chinese community ", but he himself insisted that speaking through his works is far more moving than a big name.

Under the guidance of the Jianghan District People's Government of Wuhan City, along with the co-organizers Fashion Me USA Inc, Hainan Chixu Ltd., European Times UK Branch, Red T Fashion Creative District and Wuxi Aike Plush Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hu Erye Culture Media Co., Ltd, hosted Sheguang Hu’s fashion show film premiere at London Fashion Week on 22nd of February, 2022. The show wowed the audience and led them into deep thinking.

The theme, A Place ( Hide-and-Seek) , where light and darkness exist, and full of fascination and enlightenment , symbolizes a hide-and-seek game between one and himself/herself . A show that truly expresses oneself and truly expresses Sheguang Hu has kicked off. Inspired by his many years of life experience and feelings , the designer used a great amount of mesh, lace, printing and leather fabrics, reconstructed and innovated fabrics, strong colour contrast and established wrapped silhouette design in his new collection.

Where exactly is A Place? "Anywhere, it could be a busy alleyway, a street full of traffic, your home or even your room. Isn't the end of life also an A Place? So it doesn't matter where this place is, where I am is where this place is. "The designer said.

With years of experience in integrating Chinese elements and Western culture, Sheguang Hu conducted an in-depth analysis of details and layouts. The presentation of each piece of the collection shows the influence and interaction of different people in different environments. The entire collection is presented in the form of a stage play with models dancing to the music in a circular space. The shooting technique of 360-degree bullet-time captured the model's "movement" and "stillness", the tension in the scene and eventually led to the climax of the play.

One’s life is like a game of hide-and-seek, escaping reality, pursuing perfection, protecting oneself and showing others with a literal mask. During the show, three models, namely, Wang Bin, Wang Yueyi, and Chang Huanhuan, who wore full face masks delivered mesmerizing performance. What is true and what is false? The designer Sheguang Hu left this ultimate question in the show and in the hearts of every viewer.

"Agelessness" was the second highlight of the show. The models are from Sheguang Hu Fashion Women’s Army, ranging from 20 to 60 years old. They are 55-year-old Lin Yongjun, 60-year-old Wang Jun, 48-year-old Sun Yanping, 57-year-old Luo Chaobin, 62-year-old Li Yanji, 60-year-old Cai Nishan, and 57-year-old Wu Cuixian. The designer hopes to break the circle that fashion only belongs to young people: Those sisters may have more say than we do about the game of Hide-and-seek in life.

Some media once called the designer Sheguang Hu a "bad boy in the fashion world". But in fact he’s just staying true to himself. Whether he influences on fashion or not, perhaps it is no longer important to this big boy. Coco Chanel once said, "Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever." In the ever-changing fashion world, isn't being true to yourself, sticking to your own style the ultimate definition of fashion?

Wuhan Hu Erye Culture Media Co., Ltd expresses special thanks to the organizations below:

  • Videography & Post-editing:2030 Culture Media ( Guangzhou ) Ltd.

  • Special Effect:Roywang Xinhang SheguangHui Art Team

  • Music:International well-known musician Sainkho Namchylak

  • MakeUp & Hair:Hu Jing Styling Studio/ Wang Jian Hairstyling Studio

  • Wigs Design:Yu Kun Styling Studio

  • Lookbook Photoshoot:Heat Photograph

  • Editorial Photoshoot:BAIBAIPHOTO

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